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On June 13, 2018, Council approved Subdivision Application Information Policy No. 3004-2 to provide a quarterly update of in-process subdivision development applications within the District of Lantzville. Below is the list of current, active subdivision applications, including links to preliminary proposed subdivision plans. If you have any questions regarding the report below, please contact the Director of Planning at 250.933.8083.

File Location Status Links to Preliminary Proposed Subdivision Plan Number of New Additional Parcels
3320-20-20-5 7885 Clark Drive West PSR Issued 20-5 Plan 166
3320-20-21-1 Sabrina Place PSR Issued 21-1 Plan 12
3320-20-21-2 6953 Dickinson Road PSR Issued 21-2 Plan 11
3320-20-21-4 7732 Lantzville Road PSR Issued 21-4 Plan 1
3320-20-21-6 7181 Peterson Road PSR Issued 21-6 Plan 1

LEGEND: PSR = Preliminary Subdivision Review

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