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Lantzville Road Streetscape Concept Design


The Lantzville Commercial Core Revitalization Project started in 2013/ 2014 with the preparation of a Village Commercial Core Improvement Plan (the Plan) to establish a vision to create a functional, safe and visually attractive commercial core area, extending from Caillet Road to Tweedhope. Council endorsed the Plan in 2019 as the first step to fulfill one of the fundamental goals of the Official Community Plan: Strengthen the Village Primary Commercial Core. Following engagement with businesses and the community in 2019, a design was created.

Village Commercial Core Improvement Plan - November 4, 2014 - Endorsed by Council January 28, 2019

The District has created a concept design for Lantzville Road within the Village Core. This project is identified in the Village Commercial Core Improvement Plan and is aimed at providing safe walking and cycling connections, managing onstreet parking, and enhancing the aesthetics of the Village with the addition of street trees, landscaping and lamp standards.

Click the links below to view concept designs:

Concept Design

Core Area

Cross-Section Angle

Cross-Section Parallel

Northwest Area

Southeast Area

Lantzville Commercial Core Revitalization Project Update

Lantzville Commercial Core Revitalization Project improvements between Caillet and Dickinson Roads, at an updated cost of $570,389 were completed July 2021. The project is funded through the Federal Community Works Fund grant (Gas Tax) and a generous contribution of $133,000 from Island Coastal Economic Trust (no funding from property taxation). The 2021 improvements include separated multi-use pathway for pedestrians and cyclists, street trees, raingardens, banner poles, seating areas, and shared on-street parking areas. For more information on the Lantzville Commercial Core Revitalization Project, please contact Fred Spears, Director of Public Works, by phone 250.933.2250 or email

Read the ICET media release.

Lantzville Commercial Core Revitalization Design May 2021

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