The District of Lantzville Parks and Trails Select Committee is responsible for advising and providing recommendations to Council on matters relating to parks or trails creation, dedication, development, improvement, maintenance, use and intermunicipal cooperation, and on matters referred to it by Council. The Committee consists of seven members, including one Council member, plus one non-voting Council member, and six Lantzville residents (Members at Large) appointed by Council. The Committee members appoint one of their members as the Chairperson and another as Alternate Chairperson. Current members of the Committee are: John Dunn, Liette Masse, Wendy Phillips, Gerarde Sullivan, Councillor Ian Savage and Non-voting member, Councillor Karen Proctor. The staff liaison for the Committee is Kyle Young, Director of Planning & Community Services.
Since COVID-19, regular meetings have been cancelled, may be held as electronic meetings using Zoom when required for pressing issues, and, when normal operations resume, the Committee will meeting on the third Thursday of the month, or as required (at a minimum of twice annually) at 6:00 pm in the Municipal Hall, Council Chamber, 2nd Floor, 7192 Lantzville Road. The Committee may, by unanimous consent of all members of the Committee, choose an alternate meeting start time during the term of the Committee.

Resources for the Committee also includes three reports: A Parks, Trails and Recreation Plan (March 2008); the Foothills to Seashore Tourism Development and Marketing Plan (October 2008); and the Trails and Journeyways Strategy (November 2010), all of which are available by clicking on the links below.

A Parks, Trails and Recreation Plan - March 2008
A Parks, Trails and Recreation Plan (attachments) - March 2008

Foothills to Seashore Tourism Development and Marketing Plan - October 2008

Trails and Journeyways Strategy - November 2010

Link to Lantzville Trails & Journeyways Strategy Plan Map: Trails Map

Copley Ridge Recreation Trail Map

Parks and Trails Select Committee Terms of Reference - Approved May 15, 2021

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