Here is a link to the 2018-2019 Collection Calendars with guides to preparing your recycling for curbside pick-up:

Curbside Collection 2018-2019 Calendar and Guide

NOTE: The 2019 BC Family Day is on February 18, 2019. The 2019 RDN curbside collection schedule shows the holiday on Monday, February 11, 2019 which is an error. The RDN will be collecting as per the collection day shown on the curbside collection schedule.

INFORMATION: For detailed information on the collection program, please visit the Regional District of Nanaimo website at:

Please ensure garbage, recyclables and organic waste are placed at the curbside before 8:00 am on the appropriate collection day.


During severe winter weather every effort is made to collect the curbside materials. If a regular collection day is missed due to weather or road conditions, the following procedure will apply:

  • Take your material in for the night, this will help to deter pests.
  • Have your material back at the curb by 8:00 am. Collection staff will attempt to pick up the missed material in the two days following the missed collection.
  • If road conditions continue to prevent collection on the subsequent two (2) days, including weekends, the missed material will be collected on the next corresponding collection day. For example, if your garbage was missed, you will be permitted twice the material on the next garbage collection day. Standard weight and size limits apply.
  • For more information, visit the RDN Curbside Collection page at:

    NEW - ReCollect Garbage and Recycling Schedule and Reminder Service
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