Delegations to Council

As per section 28 of "Council Procedure Bylaw No. 141, 2020" all delegations requesting permission to appear before Council are required to submit a written request to the Corporate Officer (Director of Corporate Administration) providing:

  • name and address of the speaker(s) and the organization, if applicable, and contact information (address, telephone number and email address);
  • short description of the subject matter as the title;
  • full description of the subject matter, including any supporting documents; and
  • proposed action which is within Councilís jurisdiction, which the delegation wishes Council to take in response to the submission.

Speakers are limited to speaking for a maximum total of ten minutes and only about the subject described in their written request.

Council meetings are held on a schedule adopted by Council, generally two Wednesdays per month (except August and December) at 6:00 pm, in the Municipal Hall, Council Chamber, 2nd Floor, 7192 Lantzville Road and are open to the public unless a motion is passed to close the meeting to the public in accordance with the Community Charter. Please refer to the Council Meeting Schedule for a list of scheduled meetings. Please note this schedule may be subject to change throughout the year.

The Corporate Officer may:

  • schedule delegations to another Council meeting or advisory body or refer to staff, according to subject matter; or
  • refuse to place a delegation on an agenda if the issue is not considered to fall within the jurisdiction of Council.

If the delegation wishes to appeal the decision, the information will be distributed under separate cover to Council for their consideration.

Requests to appear before Council as a delegation must be received no later than 1:00 pm on the Tuesday the week prior to the meeting (or six business days before the meeting day if on a day other than Wednesday), along with a copy of your presentation and supporting documentation, if applicable. The provision of a written brief prior to the agenda deadline enables staff to provide Council members with a copy of the intended presentation in order to obtain any necessary background.

Late delegations may be considered if Council passes a motion after considering if the item arose since the agenda deadline, if the delegation can be heard at the next meeting, and whether the topic is time sensitive and requires urgent consideration. If approved, presentation time is limited to five minutes.

When you arrive at the meeting, please advise the Director of Corporate Administration that you are in attendance. You will be called upon when it is time to make your presentation to Council. After completing presentation and considering questions, the delegation shall take their seat in the public gallery. Council may discuss the item later in the agenda and generally will refer it to a future meeting, staff or committee, for additional information, or may take no action or such other action as Council deems appropriate.

If you require clarification regarding requests to be a delegation, please contact the Director of Corporate Administration for further information.

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