Subdivision Applications

A subdivision application is required prior to the subdivision of land into new lots or relocation of a property line. For more information about the requirements for subdividing, please review the Bylaw 175 - District of Lantzville Subdivision and Development Works and Services Bylaw No. 175, 2020 and Bylaw 180 - District of Lantzville Zoning Bylaw No. 180, 2020 Consolidated (As at January 7, 2021) to Amendment Bylaw No. 244. If you have any questions about subdividing your property, please contact the District Office at or 250.933.8093.

Application Process


Submit the required documentation to the District Office, including:

  • Application Form (See bottom of page for link)
  • Application Fee (Preliminary Subdivision Review = $1,000 + $200 per additional new parcel)
  • Subdivision Plan
  • Servicing Plan (water, sewer, and roads / driveways)
  • Geotechnical Report (Required for subdivisions within DPA 5 or DPA 6)
  • Environmental Report (Required for subdivisions within DPA 1, DPA 2, DPA 3, or DPA 4)
  • Development Permit Application (Required for subdivisions within any Development Permit Area (DPA) can be submitted after receiving the Preliminary Subdivision Review)

    If you are unsure whether you will be able to subdivide your property, please contact the District Office at or 250.933.8093. Application requirements for each Development Permit Area can be found in Bylaw 150 - District of Lantzville Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 150, 2019 Consolidated (As at November 3, 2020) to Amendment Bylaw No. 224.

    STEP 2

    Once a complete application is submitted to the District Office, staff will review the application and provide a Preliminary Subdivision Review (PSR) to the applicant. A PSR outlines the conditions and fees required for construction and / or subdivision approval. Staff may require amendments to the application or subdivision plan prior to providing a PSR in cases where the proposal does not meet Zoning, Official Community Plan, or Development Permit Area requirements.

    STEP 3

    When the conditions outlined in the PSR are met and documentation/fees are submitted to the District, the subdivision shall be approved. Documentation must meet District standards, subject to approval by the Director of Public Works and the Approving Officer.

    Application Form

  • Subdivision Application
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