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In 1916, coal was discovered in the area by the Nanoose Collieries Company, operated by Jack Grant, who opened Grant's Mine at the shoreline of Jacks Road. In 1920, an American company, known as the Nanoose-Wellington Collieries Company, purchased Grant's Mine, and the director, Fraser Lantz renamed the area Lantzville. The mine ran until 1926, until the usable coal seams ran low and the mine was closed. Lantzville then entered another era whereby its life became one of a limited economy with a number of local residents but also served as a summer cottage area. Lantzville has had a number of settler type families who have been immortalized through local names of streets, waterways and landmarks.

Annually, residents commemorate the history of Lantzville with a celebration known as Minetown Days, held at Huddlestone Park. The event incorporates local businesses, food and rides, along with a parade and fun for all ages.

Residents of Lantzville have always maintained a significant amount of pride in their small community charm. Lantzville is a place where neighbours' care about neighbours'; a place where if you pass someone on the street, you will receive a friendly greeting, regardless of whether you're a known resident, or just visiting.

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