Economic Development

With a population of over 3,800 people, Lantzville is poised for residential, commercial and industrial growth. Business friendly, the District of Lantzville is situated directly north of the City of Nanaimo. Quiet, independent and unspoiled, for the longest time, Lantzville sat comfortably unnoticed, not even having a sign on the highway directing people to its historic village core or modern foothills communities. Times have changed!

In September 2018, Lantzville released its new Lantzville Beyond Business As Usual - Economic Development Strategy and long-term economic vision.

Lantzville is a unique and thriving community with a healthy mix of professionals, prospering local-serving businesses, industrial tenants, and home-based businesses. It is a place where young families, professionals, and retirees come to live a more relaxed life, with diverse housing options, ample green spaces, and outdoor recreational opportunities in the community, along the seaside, and in the forest. The Lantzville Village Core is a thriving place where locals gather, daytrippers from around the region visit, and those driving by on Highway 19 look for a unique and intriguing reason to pull off the highway.

Lantzville’s assets include relatively high incomes, a diversified workforce and a steady tax base. The Lantzville-Economic-Snapshot, completed in February 2018, provides valuable and useful data to help prospective new businesses and residents understand the community’s economic base.

Economic Development Objectives

  • Strengthen partnerships in the District of Lantzville’s business community
  • Foster the growth of a diversified local economy valuing creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Retain and expand existing businesses and promote the creation of new jobs
  • Encourage growth in the commercial and industrial tax base
  • Encourage business investment
  • Make the District of Lantzville an attractive destination for business development
  • Ensure District plans and policies support the growth of the economy
  • Attract and retain youth and young families to live and work in the District of Lantzville

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