Water is a luxury we canít afford to waste. Therefore, the District of Lantzville applies water usage regulations during the summer months. Water usage restrictions limit the amount of outside water use in order to ensure there is an adequate water supply for domestic and emergency needs. It is important to follow the prescribed times as this allows our wells to shut down and the aquifer to recover from increased summer demands.

All water purveyors in the Regional District of Nanaimo have adopted consistently defined water restrictions stages to minimize confusion for residents on community water systems across the region. We appreciate your cooperation in following these restrictions and encouraging your neighbours to do the same. Water Usage Regulations are in effect year round and the 4 stages of water restrictions are outlined in the following document

4 Stages of Water Restrictions

Notices regarding Water Restrictions will be published on the District's website as well as the bulletin board outside the Municipal Hall. If Stage 3 Water Restrictions are reached, residents will be notified via mail or delivery to household.

Planting a new lawn? Check the Water Restriction Stages and confirm the stage currently in effect. If required, you can apply to the Municipal Hall for a new Lawn Permit in Stage 1 or 2; however, it is not available for Stage 3 or 4.

Click "Water Conservation in the RDN" to View a YouTube video of the June 24, 2015 Shaw TV interview with the Regional District of Nanaimo Drinking Water & Watershed Protection Program Coordinator:

On this episode of Shaw TV Head On! host Hilary Eastmure and Regional District of Nanaimo, Watershed Protection Program Coordinator Julie Pisani, discuss the importance of conservation awareness, the current conditions for the central island area and what are the steps moving forward to maintain long term water supply for fire prevention as well, ecosystems.

Drinking Water & Watershed Protection Program
The District of Lantzville is an active member of the regional Drinking Water & Watershed Protection Program and promotes community participation in Team Watersmart activities. Visit getinvolved.rdn.ca/team-watersmart for more information.

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