The 2020 Property Tax Due Date is Thursday, July 2, 2020
Property tax notices will be mailed in late May. If you have not received your 2020 property tax notice by early June, please contact the Municipal Hall at 250.390.4006 or email Property taxes, including the completed signed Home Owner Grant (HOG) or online Home Owner Grant (eHOG) must be received on or before the tax due date of Thursday, July 2, 2020 to avoid a penalty. Postmarks are not accepted as proof of payment. A 5% penalty will be added to current taxes that are not paid on or before Thursday, July 2, 2020 and a 2nd 5% penalty on September 30, 2020.
Home Owner Grant Applications
If you qualify for a Home Owner Grant, you can apply for it online using eHOG by clicking on the icon on the right. Please note when claiming your grant, you will need your roll number and personal access code which are located in the top right-hand corner of your 2020 Property Tax notice. Click the icon to claim your Home Owner Grant online --->

To confirm eligibility or for more information on the Home Owner Grant Program please refer to: Province of BC Home Owner Grant Website

Please note, your Home Owner Grant must be claimed every year (as long as you are eligible for the program), and the grant must be claimed by July 2, 2020 to avoid penalty.

Property Tax Account Pre-Authorized Payment Plan

If you are interested in signing up for the 2020 Property Tax Pre-authorized Payment Program consisting of 10 equal monthly payments from August to May, complete the Pre-authorized Payment Agreement for Property Tax Accounts Form and submit to the District of Lantzville Municipal Hall by Wednesday, July 31, 2020.

Please note, to be eligible for the program, your 2020 property taxes must be paid in full.

Are you currently enrolled in the PAP for your 2020 Property Taxes?
The Pre-authorized Payment Plan (PAP) will automatically renew each year as per the terms and conditions of the PAP agreement unless the District of Lantzville receives written notification from the applicant to terminate the agreement.
  • If you are enrolled in Option 1 (Calculated Monthly Prepayment), your 2021 property tax payment will be automatically updated based on the calculated amount shown on your 2020 Property Tax notice.
  • If you are enrolled in Option 2 (Fixed Monthly Prepayment), your 2021 property tax payments will remain the same unless written notification to change payment amount is received by the District of Lantzville.
To be eligible for renewal the balance of your 2020 property taxes if any is owing, must be paid in full.

Written notification of termination or changes to agreement must be received no later than ten (10) days before the next scheduled payment which is Wednesday, August 5, 2020.

Property Tax Deferment Programs

Property Tax Deferment is administered by the Ministry in conjunction with the Municipal Tax Collectors and the Surveyor of Taxes (in rural areas).

Property Tax Deferment is a low-interest loan program that assists qualifying homeowners in British Columbia in paying annual property taxes on their principal residences.

There are two tax deferment programs which are:

  • The Regular Program which is for property owners who are 55 years or older, a surviving spouse or a person with disabilities as defined by regulation.
  • The Family with Children Program which is for property owners who are financially supporting, at the time of application, a dependant child who is under the age of 18.
Hard copies of NEW Tax Deferment Application forms are available at the Municipal Hall. If you have deferred your taxes in the past, please bring the renewal form that the Provincial government mailed to you. Blank Tax Deferment Renewal forms are no longer available.

Please visit the Provincial Property Tax Deferment Programs Site for more information.

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