Phases I and II (including enlargements) of the Sanitary Sewer Collection System are now complete. The District of Lantzville has recently established the Phase III Sanitary Sewer Collection System Local Area Service by Council initiative, and the project to bring the municipal sanitary sewer service to another 307 properties is proceeding as planned. View the Phase III page for more information on this project.

There are still many properties within the District using septic systems to deal with liquid waste. The District of Lantzville is a member of the Regional District of Nanaimo Team WaterSmart and residents are eligible for programs like SepticSmart Rebates. Visit the RDN website for SepticSmart educational resources.

For those properties on septic systems, the following are some points which may assist you in ensuring you get the maximum life span of your septic system.

  • Practice Water Conservation- use low flow water fixtures for your shower head, toilet and kitchen faucet

  • Get Pumped Every 3 - 5 Years - pay a little now (approx. $214) or a lot later. On average, a cost of a repair can be in the range of $7,000 - $10,000. Should you be required to install an entirely new system it may cost up to $20,000, and in special circumstances where a localized treatment system is necessary, the cost could exceed $30,000.

  • Beware of What You Put Down the Drain

  • Use Less Soap - try concentrated soaps and use only what you need

  • No Toxins

  • No Additives - no known additive can make septic tank pumping unnecessary

  • Timing - too much wastewater at once overloads the system. This forces solids into the septic field. E.g., don't do all your laundry at once spread it out over the week.

  • Keep Records - know where your septic system is and keep a record of maintenance.

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