Provincial Housing Changes

The Province of British Columbia passed several housing related laws in the fall 2023 session of the Legislature, including Bill 44 Housing Statutes (Residential Development) Amendment Act, 2023. For more information on the Provincial legislation and housing initiatives please see their website, here.

One of the requirements of Bill 44 is that every parcel within the Regional Growth Containment Boundary (includes most of Lantzville, see RDN's Regional Growth Strategy) which has municipal water and sewer service will be required to allow 4 dwellings as of 30th of June 2024. Development and Building Permit requirements will continue to apply in accordance with District Bylaws.

Changes to the Zoning Bylaw are required in order to comply with the Provincial requirements. District staff will be presenting draft Zoning Bylaw amendments at the Special Council meeting on June 5th. Council may make amendments to the proposed bylaws at or following the June 5, 2024, Special Council meeting.

Background: January 24th Regular Council Meeting Report (see item 11.b, pages 54-72 of the agenda).

Small Scale Multi-Unit Housing Bylaw No. 369, 2024

1. Report and Attachments for Proposed Bylaw 369

2. Proposed District of Lantzville Zoning Bylaw, No. 180, 2020, Amendment (Small Scale Multi-Unit Housing) Bylaw No. 369, 2024

Transit-Oriented Areas Bylaw No. 370, 2024

1. Staff Report to Council and Attachments for Proposed Bylaw No. 370, 2024

2. Proposed "District of Lantzville Transit-Oriented Areas Bylaw No. 370, 2024

Additional information will be uploaded to this website when available.

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