Policing, for the community of Lantzville, is provided through the Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Nanaimo detachment.

Council has directed that members of the public with community safety complaints call the RCMP direct (250.754.2345) re: speeding or criminal issues, and email district@lantzville.ca, regarding other community safety issues providing name, civic address and concern. Here is a link to the Bylaw Complaint Form if you wish to submit a complaint. If your concern could not be resolved with the Chief Administrative Officer, you can email district@lantzville.ca, addressed to the attention of Council, and staff will distribute to all members of Council.

Superintendent Lisa Fletcher, is the Officer in Charge of the Nanaimo RCMP detachment, and reports that their focus is to enhance community livability and safety. In the summer of 2021, personnel were shifted to re-allocate a Provincial position to the Traffic Unit and increase routine traffic patrols and speeding enforcement in the District of Lantzville that was not previously available.

Representatives of the RCMP attend the Community Safety Standing Committee meetings as a resource to the Committee which is comprised of all members of Council.

For further information please visit the Nanaimo RCMP website.

Superintendent L.M. Fletcher
Officer in Charge - Nanaimo RCMP Detachment
330 Prideaux Street
Nanaimo BC V9R 2N3

Cost of Municipal Policing
While the province is responsible for providing police service for municipalities with a population of under 5,000, the province does levy the municipality for a portion of the policing cost. The 2021 levy was $274,000. That means residents are currently paying $274,000 or $72 per resident annually for policing costs. (Although the figures above are expressed on a per resident basis, the actual recovery of the police tax levy is based on assessed values.)

The formula for cost-sharing policing costs changes when the population reaches 5,000 - with the municipality being responsible for 70% and the federal government paying the other 30%.

Per population estimates provided by the provincial government, the estimated 2020 population for Lantzville is 3,816 people. The average growth rate for Lantzville over the past 10 years has averaged 0.6% per year. In contrast, the average growth rate for Nanaimo and Parksville over the past 10 years has averaged 1.9% and 1.4% respectively. Assuming an annual growth rate of 1.2% (double the average for the past 10 years), we could expect the 5,000 population mark to be reached by the year 2043. The estimates above will be updated once Census 2020 figures are available.

Also, based on recent information, the median amount of money spent in British Columbia on policing is $290 per resident. A community with a population of 5,000 could anticipate spending $1,450,000 x 70% = $1,015,000 ($203 per resident) for policing costs.

Under the current legislation, the District will be required to fund a larger portion of policing costs when it reaches the 5,000 population mark. (The increase in costs would be approximately $714,000 or $131 per resident if the Lantzville population were to suddenly balloon beyond 5,000.) Although it is prudent to be cognizant of the timing and implications of this anticipated increase, it is also important to keep in mind that it is not expected to occur until sometime between 2043 and 2065.

Acting Director of Financial Services
District of Lantzville

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