It's Time to Renew your Business Licence for 2024!

  • Business Licence Renewal Application Form

    A Business Licence issued by the District of Lantzville is required prior to operating a business in Lantzville. Please review the Business Licence Bylaw for more information on business licensing requirements. Please note that the District of Lantzville is not a participant in the inter-community business licensing program, which means that an Inter-Community Business Licence obtained from another organization outside of Lantzville is not valid in the District of Lantzville. If you have any questions regarding business licensing, please contact the Planning & Community Services Department at 250.933.8091 or

    District of Lantzville Business Licences:

  • Business Licences as of April 8, 2024

    Application Process:

    STEP 1
    Once a business licence application has been received by the District of Lantzville, District staff will review the application for completeness and for compliance with District of Lantzville bylaws. If additional information or clarification are required, the District will contact the applicant (business operator).

    STEP 2
    If the application is complete and the proposed business complies with District of Lantzville bylaws, a Business Licence will be issued to the business operator (licence holder).

    STEP 3
    Annually, prior to December 31, the business operator / licence holder must apply for a licence renewal, including submission of the renewal application form and the applicable renewal fee. Please note that there is no annual renewal fee for Lantzville-based businesses, provided that the renewal application is received by December 31st each year.

    Application Requirements:

    For the initial application, the only two items required are the business licence application form and the applicable application fee in the Miscellaneous Fees and Charges Bylaw. Please note that once an application has been received and reviewed, the District may require additional information or clarification, in accordance with the Business Licence Bylaw. An application will not be considered complete until all information required by the District has been provided and the applicable application fee has been paid.

    Application Fees:

  • Miscellaneous Fees and Charges Bylaw

    Application Form:

  • Business Licence Application Form

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