Regulation of Fireworks in the District of Lantzville

Pursuant to Fireworks Regulation Bylaw No. 39:
  • exploding or discharging fireworks is only allowed between the hours of 9:00 am to 11:00 pm on October 31st
  • no person under the age of 18 is permitted to possess fireworks
  • the sale of fireworks is prohibited
  • exploding or possessing firecrackers is prohibited
  • exploding or discharging a firework pointed or directed at any person, animal, building, motor vehicle, tree or bush, is prohibited
  • exploding or discharging fireworks in or on: a highway; a park a property on which a school is located; a beach or area adjacent to the ocean; and land in a commercial or industrial zone, is prohibited
A person or organization wishing to celebrate a special event or festival (on days other than October 31st) may apply, in writing, to the Fire Chief for a "Special Use Fireworks Permit". Submit the: Special Use Fireworks Permit application form at least one week before the planned event, to the Municipal Hall for approval by the Fire Chief, with:
  • evidence of property owner consent
  • confirmation of Fireworks Supervisor designated as responsible for setting off the fireworks (person who holds a valid Fireworks Supervisor Certificate from Natural Resources Canada - Explosives Regulatory Division)
  • $5,000,000 insurance naming the District of Lantzville as Additional Insured
  • acknowledgement of compliance with the Federal Explosives Act, the Provincial Fireworks Act and the District of Lantzville Fireworks Regulation Bylaw No. 39, 2005. The Fire Chief may impose additional terms and conditions prior to issuance of a permit. The submission of an application does not guarantee approval.

Before setting off fireworks, it is important to let your neighbours know when and where you will be discharging the fireworks so that they can make arrangements for their pets.

Read the District of Lantzville Fireworks - Safety, Use & Regulations brochure for more information.

Fines start at $150.00

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