Development Permits

The District’s Official Community Plan designates 11 development permit areas in Lantzville. If you subdividing, developing, building a structure, or doing any other type of work within a designated development permit area, a Development Permit application to the District may be required and the applicant must demonstrate how the proposed meets the applicable Development Permit Guidelines. You can use the District’s interactive web map to search for your property and determine if it falls within a development permit area. You can also contact Planning & Community Services for assistance by e-mail at

The authority to issue certain types of Development Permits is delegated to the Director of Planning & Community Services. Development Permits that are not delegated to the Director will be presented to Council for consideration of issuance.

Development Permits are valid for a period of up to two years from the date of issuance and may impose certain conditions and requirements on development. For example, the Development Permit may require covenants to be registered on title and may require development to take place in accordance with geotechnical and environmental assessments.

Application Checklists

Development Permit application checklists are provided by District staff upon request and are customized to each project. Please e-mail Planning & Community Services at
with the property address and a description of the proposed project.

Application Process

– Once an application has been received by the District, the application will be reviewed for completeness by District staff. If items identified on the application checklist are not provided with the application submission or forms are incomplete or unsigned, the application will not be accepted and the application may be returned to the applicant.

– The application may be referred to internal departments and external agencies for review and comment. The referral period is typically 3 weeks. Please note that if a Site Disclosure Statement is required under the provincial contamination sites legislation, the District will not be able to issue the Development Permit until it is authorized to do so by the provincial government. The owner may also be responsible for site remediation.

– The application will be reviewed for compliance with District bylaws and the Development Permit Guidelines. If staff identify issues with the application or require additional information, the District will send an application review letter to the applicant. It is the applicant’s responsibility to correct any deficiencies and provide any additional information requested.

– Where authority is delegated to the Director, the Director will issue the Development Permit, provided that the application complies with District bylaws and the Development Permit Guidelines. Where authority is not delegated, the Development Permit will be presented to Council for consideration of issuance. For applications that go to Council, a staff report is prepared to accompany the Development Permit. The typical timeline for a final decision on issuance of the Development Permit is 2-3 weeks after the referral period for delegated authority and 2-3 months after the referral period where Council approval is required. Issuance of a Development Permit may be delayed if additional information or revisions are required.

– In accordance with the Local Government Act, once a Development Permit has been issued, a Notice of Permit will be registered on the title of the subject property.

Application Form

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