District of Lantzville Council


District of Lantzville Council 2015 - 2018

Front row (left to right): Councillor Denise Haime, Mayor Colin Haime, Councillor Dot Neary

Back row (left to right): Councillor John Coulson, Councillor Mark Swain, Councillor Bob Colclough, Councillor Will Geselbracht

Your current 7-member Council, serving a term expiring in 2018, is: Mayor Colin Haime and Councillors Bob Colclough, John Coulson, Will Geselbracht, Denise Haime, Dot Neary, and Mark Swain. Council is responsible to set budgets, levy taxes, adopt bylaws, establish policies and make decision that guide the growth, development and operation of the District of Lantzville. District staff are responsible for day-to-day operations, implementing Council decisions and policies, and providing advice to elected officials.

Your questions about day-to-day operations can be directed to staff by contacting the Municipal Hall. If you wish to contact a member of Council to discuss any suggestions, issues or concerns unresolved with staff, you can write to the Municipal Hall or email district@lantzville.ca, addressed to the attention of Council, and staff will distribute it to all members of Council. When sending email to the District, please include your name and complete postal mailing address for our communication records.

Mayor Haime is available to meet with residents on Tuesdays from 9:00 am to 11:00 am at the Municipal Hall. If you wish to make an appointment, please contact the Municipal Hall at 250.390.4006.

Council members have also provided the following contact information:

Mayor Colin Haime
Phone: 250.616.3986
E-mail: mayor.haime@lantzville.ca

Councillor Bob Colclough
Phone: 250.714.8985
E-mail: councillor.colclough@lantzville.ca

Councillor John Coulson
Phone: 250.933.4425
E-mail: johngcoulson@gmail.com

Councillor Will Geselbracht
Phone: 250.667.0205
E-mail: councillor.geselbracht@lantzville.ca

Councillor Denise Haime
Phone: 250.616.8552
E-mail: denisehaime@shaw.ca

Councillor Dot Neary
Phone: 250.933.1884
E-mail: councillor.neary@lantzville.ca

Councillor Mark Swain
Phone: 250.714.9708
E-mail: councillor.swain@lantzville.ca

In accordance with District of Lantzville Council Size Reduction Bylaw No. 110, 2014, Council will consist of a Mayor and four Councillors effective for the 2018 General Local Election.

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