Building Permits

A Building Permit issued by the District may be required prior to construction of new buildings, additions and renovations. In order to determine if your project requires a Building Permit, please review the Building Bylaw or contact the Planning Department at or 250.933.8093.

The purpose of the permitting and inspection process is to regulate construction in the District for the health, safety and protection of persons and property in the general public interest. Please be advised that the BC Building Code applies to any construction project, unless exempted under the BC Building Code, regardless of whether the District requires a Building Permit.

Application Checklists

Building Permit application checklists are provided by District staff upon request and are customized to each project. Please contact the Planning Department at or 250.933.8093 with the property address, a description of the proposed project, and the estimated value of construction.

Application Process

Once an application has been received by the District, the application will be reviewed for completeness by District staff and the Building Official. If items identified on the application checklist are not provided with the application submission or forms are incomplete or unsigned, the application will not be accepted and the application may be returned to the applicant.

A complete application will be reviewed for compliance with District bylaws and provided to the Building Official for plan review to determine if the proposed building plans conform to the BC Building Code. If the Building Official identifies deficiencies or issues with the submitted documents and plans, the applicant will be notified by e-mail. It is the applicant’s responsibility to resolve all outstanding issues.

Once the Building Official has approved the documents and plans provided, the District will issue the Building Permit with the inspection schedule and laminated copy of the Building Permit for posting on the property. The property owner must sign the Building Permit. Once the Building Permit has been issued and the property owner has signed the Building Permit, work may begin. It generally takes the District 2-4 weeks to process complete Building Permit application with BC Building Code-compliant drawings. Issuance of a Building Permit may be delayed if additional information or revisions are required.

As work proceeds on the project, the District must be contacted by e-mail at to schedule an inspection for each of the three inspections listed below. Fridays are the only scheduled inspection day so please ensure that you plan ahead. Please call or e-mail as early in the week as possible to book an inspection. Inspection requests submitted on Friday will be scheduled for the following Friday. The District does not schedule specific inspection times on Friday and may arrive at any point during regular business hours (8:00 AM to 4:00 PM). If the Building Official identifies deficiencies during their inspection, the applicant will be notified. The deficiencies will need to be corrected and the applicant will need to contact the District to schedule a re-inspection.

The last step in the process is the final inspection by the Building Official when construction of the building is complete. If the Building Official is satisfied that there are no deficiencies, the District will issue a Final Inspection Notice to the applicant. Please note that the District does not issue “Occupancy Permits”.


Inspection 1 (Excavation): within 24 hours of the start of excavation. Please ensure that all field reviews from registered professionals (e.g. structural & geotechnical) are provided to the District prior to the inspection.

Inspection 2 (Framing): framing, sheathing, fire stopping (including drywall in fire separations), bracing, chimney and ductwork, rough wiring, rough plumbing, rough heating, gas venting, exterior doors and windows, but prior to the installation of insulation, interior finishes, sheathing paper or exterior finishes which would conceal such work. Please ensure that all field reviews from registered professionals (e.g. structural & geotechnical) are provided to the District prior to the inspection.

Inspection 3 (Health & Safety): the health, safety and accessibility aspects of the work when the building or structure is complete. This is the final inspection, after which a Final Inspection Notice will be issued. Examples of documents that are required to be submitted prior to the final inspection include Schedule C-A and Schedule C-B from registered professionals, final surveys, ventilations checklists, Technical Safety BC finals for gas and electrical.

Application Form

  • Building Permit Application Form

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