The Lantzville Tourism Development and Marketing Plan encompassed two strategic issues:

1. Identify areas and opportunities for tourism development, encompassing both existing opportunities as well as future / potential ones; and

2. Design a Marketing Plan to assure that the tourism – related message and brand can be effectively delivered to outsiders who would be the target for tourism attraction.

The objective of this exercise was to design and generate a Plan that:

  • builds on the strengths and assets of the community
  • focuses on realizable tourism opportunities
  • can provide benefits to other related or trickle-down business and sectors, such as existing tourism operators, real estate, retail, service sector, etc.
  • is created with input from key stakeholders (Parks & Recreation Commission, Council, community businesses). Input is key. It is your community, your vision, and your tourism future.
  • provides some ‘branding / imaging’ recommendations
  • identifies the best ways to ‘get the message out’
  • delivers an Action Plan that represents a step-by-step implementation gameplan.

Expectations from, and Utilization of this Plan
Every new area of endeavour needs a starting point. It is expected that the community leaders, Council, committees, and the public can utilize this Plan as a first step towards delivering tourism for the community, within a decidedly structured framework, and at a pace that the community can find acceptable.

Foothills to Seashore Tourism Development and Marketing Plan - October 2008

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