Annual reports have two primary purposes: the first purpose is to provide information about the activities of the District of Lantzville and its objectives for the fiscal year ended December 31st; and the second purpose is to inform readers about the Districtís goals and objectives met during the previous year as well as report on current year projects goals and objectives, and identify priorities for the near future.

As per section 2 of the Financial Information Act, a corporation is required to prepare a Statement of Financial Information (SOFI) within 6 months after the end of each fiscal year. The SOFI consists of the audited financial statements, a schedule of employee remuneration, a schedule of council remuneration, a schedule of payments to suppliers, a schedule of guarantee and indemnity agreements and a management letter.

RDN 2018 Property Taxes Brochure Highlighting District of Lantzville Contribution

RDN 2017 Property Taxes Brochure Highlighting District of Lantzville Contribution

Annual Report 2018
Financial Statements 2018
2018 Statement of Financial Information (SOFI)

Annual Report 2017
Financial Statements 2017
2017 Statement of Financial Information (SOFI)

2016 Annual Report
Financial Statements 2016
2016 Statement of Financial Information (SOFI)

2015 Annual Report
Financial Statements 2015
SOFI 2015

Annual Report 2014
Financial Statements 2014
SOFI 2014

Annual Report 2013 including Financial Statements
Financial Statements 2013
SOFI 2013

Annual Report 2012
Financial Statements 2012
SOFI 2012

Annual Report 2011
Financial Statements 2011
SOFI 2011

Annual Report 2010
Financial Statements 2010
SOFI 2010

Annual Report 2009
Financial Statements 2009
SOFI 2009

Annual Report 2008
Financial Statements 2008
SOFI 2008

Annual Report 2007
Financial Statements 2007
SOFI 2007

Annual Report 2006
Financial Statements 2006
SOFI 2006

Annual Report 2005
Financial Statements 2005

Annual Report 2004
Financial Statements 2004
SOFI 2004

Financial Statements 2003
SOFI 2003

[Note: A 2003 Annual Report was not required as the District of Lantzville incorporated in June of 2003.]

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