The Planning & Community Services Department is responsible for processing, investigating and resolving contraventions of the District of Lantzville's bylaws (which can be found here).

The District of Lantzville encourages residents, where appropriate, to make attempts to resolve issues amicably through discussion when bylaw-related concerns arise. When a resolution is not possible, or circumstances do not allow for a solution, the form below may be filled out and forwarded to the Planning & Community Services Department. Anonymous submissions or incomplete forms are not accepted.

  • Bylaw Complaint Form - July 2023

    Completed forms can be emailed directly to:*

    For any inquiries, please call 250.933.8092.


    *For complaints regarding tree cutting contrary to the new "District of Lantzville Tree Protection Bylaw No. 331, 2022", please also email a copy to

    As noted in the Media Release regarding Tree Protection Bylaw No. 331, 2022, if you have any questions regarding Bylaw No. 331, please contact Planning & Community Services at 250.933.8083 or email

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