Development, land use and planning bylaws outline regulations for the use of land and construction within the District of Lantzville. The bylaws listed are provided for information purposes only, and the District of Lantzville will not be responsible for their validity or completeness. Individuals wishing to quote from or use the bylaws should consult the District's Director of Corporate Administration to ensure they are current. For legal and other purposes, certified copies of the official version may be obtained from the Director of Corporate Administration.

Please select the bylaw of interest from the list below:

  • Bylaw 183 - Development Approval Information Area Bylaw No. 183, 2019

    District of Lantzville Official Community Plan (OCP):

  • Bylaw 150 - District of Lantzville Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 150, 2019 Consolidated (As at November 3, 2020) to Amendment Bylaw No. 224

    [Please note: Appendix 1 & OCP Maps 1 to 11 below are not included within consolidated Bylaw 150]


    Subdivision and Development:

  • Subdivision and Development Works and Services Bylaw No. 175, 2020

    Land Use and Development Procedures:

  • Land Use & Development Procedures & Fee Bylaw No. 37, 2005 CONSOLIDATED to Bylaw No. 248, 2020

  • Highway Name Change (Foothills Road) Bylaw No. 238, 2020

  • Highway Name Change (McKercher Road to Aats Road) Bylaw No. 239, 2020

    Building Permits (Commencing October 1, 2020):

  • Building Bylaw No. 182, 2020

    Board of Variance:

  • Board of Variance Bylaw No. 10, 2003 CONSOLIDATED to Bylaw No. 10.1, 2008

    Development Cost Charges:

  • Development Cost Charges Bylaw No. 154, 2018

  • Cash-in-Lieu of Parking Bylaw No. 234, 2020

  • School Site Acquisition Charges, Bylaw 291, 2021
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