Island life, as we know it, usually does not involve the ‘winter’ experience like most other areas of Canada. However, we are not always immune to Mother Nature and do find ourselves dealing with some level of snowfall usually during the months of November thru March. Therefore, we thought it might be timely to inform residents that the District contracts snow removal/deicing services with Windley Construction. At times when we do experience snowfall there are steps that residents can take to keep themselves safe and which will assist our contractor when clearing snow from our roadways as follows:

  • ensure your vehicles are off the road (and in your driveways/private property). This will allow our contractor safe and easy access to clear the roads.
  • if possible, stay off the roads during a snowfall.
  • for safety purposes do not use the roads as playgrounds i.e., sleigh ride areas, etc.

SPECIAL NOTICE: The District's Public Works Department requests that residents on the following roads park on the south side of the road when it snows in order for our snow plows to maneuvre along the roads and provide better service to your neighbourhoods.

  • Northwind Drive
  • Southwind Drive
  • Fernmar Road
  • Clark Crescent
  • Andrea Crescent

Our contract with Windley Construction does identify which roads receive priority for clearing during periods of heavy snowfall versus others. Our contractor’s first priority is to clear those roads identified as ‘Primary’ as follows:

1. Primary Roads – Aulds, Dickinson, Lantzville, Superior and Ware (regional transit, school, and emergency access required)

2. Secondary Roads – Examples of secondary roads are Caillet Road, Harwood and Southwind Drive.

Residents are reminded that should snowfall be ongoing the contractor will return to those Primary roads should snow continue to accumulate and as a result, may not make it to secondary roads, cul-de-sacs and side roads for twenty-four hours. If possible, stay off the roads during a snowfall and for safety reasons, do not use the roads as playgrounds.

If you wish to report a public works emergency, including unsafe road conditions, call the Municipal Hall at 250.390.4006. If the office is closed, you can call the after-hours answering service at 1.888.826.8271, who will contact District staff on your behalf.

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