The Local Government Act enables communities in British Columbia to designate Development Permit Areas for the purpose of setting objectives and guidelines for development within those areas. No building construction or alteration can occur in a Development Permit Area without a Development Permit.

Section 919.1 of the Local Government Act provides that a municipality can designate a Development Permit Area for the purpose of:

  • Protection of the natural environment, its ecosystem and biological diversity;
  • Protection of development from hazardous conditions;
  • Protection of farming;
  • Revitalization of an area in which commercial use is permitted;
  • Establishment of objectives for the form and character of intensive residential development;
  • Establishment of objectives and the provision of guidelines for the form and character of commercial, industrial or multifamily residential development.

Lands are designated as Development Permit Areas in the Official Community Plan, which includes the reasons for requiring a Permit and the specific guidelines used to evaluate an application. Projects within Development Permit Areas do not require permits if the Official Community Plan specifically exempts them. In February 2016, Council adopted a policy that allows for the District of Lantzville Staff to accept one development permit application for multiple properties. See Policy No. 3005-1 below.

Please contact the District Office at 250-390-4006 if you'd like to set up an appointment with the District's Community Planner.

  • Development Permit Application Form

  • Accepting One Development Permit Application for Multiple Property Owners Policy No. 3005-1

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