District of Lantzville Zoning Bylaw No. 180, 2020, Amendment Bylaw (Lot A Dickinson Road) No. 244, 2020

Subject Property:

Property Address: 6953 Dickinson Road

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Proposal & Purpose of Bylaw:

The Municipality has received an application to amend Zoning Bylaw No. 180, 2020 by rezoning the
subject property from Future Study Area Zone to a new Residential 5 Zone to facilitate subdivision
of the subject property.

Status of the Application:

May 25, 2020 – the zoning amendment bylaw received 1st and 2nd readings
September 9, 2020 – Public Hearing held.
December 7, 2020 - NEW Public Hearing Scheduled.

Application Information:

  • Location Map

  • Air Photo Map

  • Zoning Map

  • Site Photos

  • Proposed Plan of Subdivision

  • Zoning Amendment Bylaw

  • Covenant

    Staff Reports:

  • May 25, 2020 Staff Report

  • November 2, 2020 Staff Report

    Public Hearing:

  • Public Hearing Notice

    Verbal Submissions:

    You may provide verbal public input remotely using the Zoom Webinar platform (via telephone or using your computer, tablet, or smartphone) during the Public Hearing by registering in advance. To join the Hearing via Zoom Webinar, register in advance by following the Zoom Webinar "link". After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Zoom Webinar to participate in this Public Hearing. If you do not receive an email confirming your registration, please email Please note, once you’ve joined the Zoom Webinar you will be automatically muted until it is your turn to speak, your video function will not be enabled, and your name will be visible on the Zoom Webinar screen for Council’s viewing.

    For information on how to participate in an electronic Public Hearing, please consult this document (updated September 10, 2020).

  • Public Input and Other Correspondence

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