Lantzville Road Streetscape Concept Design

The District has created a draft concept design for Lantzville Road within the Village Core. This project is identified in the Village Commercial Core Improvement Plan and is aimed at providing safe walking and cycling connections, managing onstreet parking, and enhancing the aesthetics of the Village with the addition of street trees, landscaping and lamp standards.

Click the links below to view draft concept designs:

Concept Design

Core Area

Cross-Section Angle

Cross-Section Parallel

Northwest Area

Southeast Area

Village Commercial Core Improvement Plan

On January 28, 2019, Council passed the following motion:

THAT the November 4, 2014 Village Commercial Core Improvement Plan be endorsed for implementation.

Click here to read the November 10, 2014 Staff Report and Draft Village Commercial Core Improvement Plan

November 10, 2014 Council motion:

THAT Council receives the draft “Village Commercial Core Improvement Plan” as information and as attached to the November 10, 2014 staff report as Schedule ‘A’.

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