A review of the Finance System has resulted in the discovery that the application of Parcel Taxes to Manufactured Homes was applied incorrectly against certain properties for the period 2003-2015. The District cannot collect parcel taxes from owners of manufactured homes situated in a manufactured home park, where the “parcel” is owned by a third party. Subsequently, sixty-one (61) mobile homes have been identified as being charged Parcel Taxes in error.

A list of impacted properties is provided below. If, for the years 2003-2015, you were the owner of a manufactured home identified on the list of impacted properties, you may be eligible for a Parcel Tax Refund. Please review the policy “Parcel Tax Refund Program”, and submit a “Request for Refund” form to the District Office


MEDIA RELEASE August 11, 2017 - District of Lantzville Parcel Tax on Manfactured Homes Refund Program

May 8, 2017 Report to Council - Parcel Tax Refund Program on Manufactured Homes

May 8, 2017 Council Resolution - Parcel Tax Refunds on Manufactured Homes

Impacted Properties

Parcel Tax Refund Program

Request for Refund Form

For further information, contact the District of Lantzville office at 250.390.4006.

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