What is an Official Community Plan Update?
An Official Community Plan (OCP) describes a long-term vision for the community - it explains what the community would like to be in the future and lays the groundwork for getting there.

An OCP includes:

  • A strong vision with supporting goals and objectives.
  • Policies that guide land use, housing, parks and recreation, infrastructure, culture, heritage, transportation, social well-being, economy, environment, and sustainability.
  • Land use designation mapping that shows the types and locations for future development or re-development in the community.
Lantzville's existing OCP was adopted in 2005 and many things have changed since that time. It is now time to consider how our community has evolved and renew the plan so that it reflects the goals and aspirations of the community today. Input from Lantzville residents is key to creating a strong OCP that directs the type of growth, development, and improvements the community envisions for its future.
What is a Water Master Plan?
A sustainable water supply is the backbone of a community. A Water Master Plan sets directions for managing and enhancing the community's water infrastructure and water use in a way that allows the District to continue to provide water that is sustainable and affordable for the community and the environment. Water continues to be a fundamental topic for Lantzville residents and the planning process will be an opportunity for all residents to consider potential options for the future of water in Lantzville. Learn more about Lantzville's water supply system:
  • Lantzville Water Supply and Distribution Study completed in July 2015.
Why are we developing these Plans at the same time?
While the OCP Update and Water Master Plan are two separate plans, they are inherently linked. Water supply affects community residents, as well as future development or redevelopment. The two plans are being developed together so that residents can ask questions, consider issues and opportunities, and provide input on topics that affect both plans.
Last Modified: Oct 18, 2016
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