Economic Development Strategic Plan and Community Branding

On December 10, 2018 (Amended Sept 30, 2019), Council approved the Terms of Reference for the Economic Development and Sustainability Committee - the Committee that will provide support and recommendations to staff for implementation and achieving the goals and objectives of the Economic Development Strategic Plan, advise and assist Council and the business community in creating a healthy, sustainable, vibrant and diverse business community, and related tasks. For more information, click here to read the Terms of Reference.

What will we be implementing? The community-developed Economic Development Strategy was approved by Council at their September 17, 2018 meeting.

The creation of the Strategy involved input of over 250 people, and was guided by a steering committee of local residents, business owners and elected officials. Regular communications and collaboration also took place throughout the process with the Snaw-Naw-As (Nanoose First Nation). The Strategy includes a vision and objectives for economic Development, based on what we heard from Lantzville residents, and a plan for getting there. It's not about radical change, but about small and doable steps to create a more thriving, livable community for all. The District will start implementing some of the actions right away, and there are already several grant applications out for larger actions. Check out the Strategy, including a three-page overview at the beginning, below or at

The Strategy is supported by a new brand program that includes a visual identity, tagline, key messages, brand story and communication tools. The brand represents a low-hype revitalization for our charming, semi-rural and under-the-radar community. The visual identity features a friendly hand-drawn wordmark and a sea glass wave - an idea that came from a Lantzville resident.

The new marketing tagline, "love life here", highlights our easy-going, unpretentious nature to potential visitors or new residents. Our more casual community tagline, "Lovable, livable Lantzville", is geared to locals who want to show their local pride. Plans are being made to roll-out the brand in the near future.

Lovable Livable Lantzville

Read the Lantzville Beyond Business As Usual - Economic Development Strategy September 2018 final report on the September 17, 2018 Council meeting agenda.

Read the Lantzville Welcome to Our Brand September 2018 final report on the September 17, 2018 Council meeting agenda.

On July 24, 2017, Council approved the terms of reference for the Economic Development Strategic Plan and Community Branding Select Committee, appointed Councillor Geselbracht to the Committee and approved staff proceeding with recruitment. Council also approved staff applying for grants to assist with the: economic development strategic plan, community branding project and funding for a temporary Economic Development Officer.

The Committee started meeting with staff and the consultant in November 2017 to provide the consultant with input and feedback, review information provided by the consultant, and advise Council on matters relating to the development of an economic development and community branding strategy. Committee members include Chairperson Wendy Campbell (resident), Councillor Will Geselbracht (Council) and in his absence, alternate Councillor Bob Colclough (Council), Sarah Wallbank (Village Core Commercial Sector), Deb Melenchuk (Industrial Park), Darwin Mahlum (Development Community), Doug English (resident), Ronnie Jackson (resident), and Councillor Tom Bob (Snaw-Naw-As - Nanoose First Nation).

Visit, or contact the Project Team at 604.228.1855 ext. 6 or by email at

Visit to see the results from the Selecting Economic Actions Workshop held May 15, 2018. Do you work-from-home or run a home-based business in Lantzville? We want to know how we can better support you! Take the 3-minute anonymous survey here by June 18, 2018:

Click here to read the LANTZVILLE: Beyond Business As Usual - Economic Action Strategy + Place Branding Project Update Report - May 2018

Thanks for attending!

What: Selecting Economic Actions Workshop

When: Tuesday, May 15th 6:30-8:00 pm

Where: Royal Canadian Legion Branch #257, 2nd Floor, 7225 Lantzville Road

While the purpose of the first Open House in March was to generate creative ideas and get all opinions out on the table (i.e., throwing things wide open), this event was focused on prioritizing the ideas based on impact and feasibility (i.e., narrowing things back down to a realistic list).

At this event we:

  • Collectively decided on a short-but doable list of actions
  • Discussed implementation: how can we make these actions into reality? What barriers do we need to overcome and how? How can individuals and community groups be involved in implementation?


    Can't make it? Contact the project team ( and we can work with you individually to get your input.

    This workshop relates specifically to the Economic Action Strategy. If you are interested in the Place Branding process, sign up for updates by emailing

  • Thanks for Attending the Economic Development Strategic Plan and Community Branding Project Drop-in Open House

    What do you want the economy of Lantzville to look like in three, five or ten years? What are your ideas for what we (District, community groups, individuals) can do to get there? What are our unique traits that we should highlight in the Lantzville community brand?

    MAKE YOUR VOICE COUNT - Thanks for joining us for the Economic Development Strategic Plan and Community Branding Drop-in Open House to discuss and provide comment on Lantzville's economic plan and community brand.

    WHERE: Costin Hall, 7232 Lantzville Rd

    WHEN: 6:30 - 8:30pm - Wednesday, March 14, 2018

    Questions about the Lantzville's Economic Plan and Community Brand Process? Visit, or contact the Project Team at 604.228.1855 ext. 6 or by email at

    Click on the links below to view the Economic Development Strategic Plan and Community Branding Select Committee Meeting Schedule and background information:

  • March 2018 Community Update - Special Edition - Economic Development

  • Economic Development Strategic Plan and Community Branding Select Committee Meeting Schedule - Updated June 29 2018

  • Economic Development Strategic Plan and Community Branding Select Committee Terms of Reference - Approved July 24, 2017 & Updated February 8 and July 9, 2018 For more information contact:

    Kyle Young, Director of Planning & Community Services
    Telephone: 250.933.8083

    Ronald Campbell, Chief Administrative Officer
    Telephone: 250.933.8080

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