From committees to clubs, ESS to environmental groups, and to the many other organizations and programs that rely on volunteers you are what makes our community great! Council acknowledges the many volunteers that serve our community, including Council committee members whose service ended in 2018 (members of the former Economic Development Strategic Plan and Community Branding Select Committee; OCP Review Select Committee, and Parks and Recreation Commission), current Board of Variance members (John Garenkooper, Michelle Jones and Jamie Wallace), and those appointed to the two committees in new in 2019.

Economic Development and Sustainability Committee Members: Councillor Proctor/Alternate Councillor Geselbracht, Sarah Wallbank, Deb Melenchuk, Virginia Fenton, Jolynn Green, Derek Riley, Neil Valsangkar and Snaw-Naw-As appointee Craig Edwards.

Parks and Trails Select Committee Members: Councillor Savage /Alt. Councillor Geselbracht, John Dunn, Liette Masse, Doug Nutt, Julia Ohly, Wendy Phillips, and Gerarde Sullivan.

A special thank you to the Mid Island Rose Society members who volunteer to maintain the pioneer roses in Huddlestone Park with their annual July pruning bee, and now are providing signage to identify the roses and their provenance for residents and visitors who are interested. The roses were collected from Lantzville pioneer families who acquired them mostly in the first half of the 20th century, with a few form the late 19th century.

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