Application for a Temporary Commercial or Industrial Permit shall be made on the applicable form prescribed for the purpose by the Chief Administrative Officer.

In addition to the provisions of Section 2(1) of Bylaw 37, the following material shall be filed with an application for Temporary Use Permit to facilitate the processing of the permit:

(a) a written description of the temporary commercial or industrial use requested; and
(b) if applicable, a fully detailed and to scale site plan of proposed buildings.

An applicant for a Temporary Commercial and Industrial Use Permit shall, upon request by Council and prior to issuance of a permit, provide security to the Municipality in an amount to be determined by Council, to guarantee the performance of the terms of the Permit.

If authorized by Council, the Chief Administrative Officer or designate will complete the Permit in the form attached as Schedule B and Schedule C, and file in the Land Title Office a notice in the form prescribed for that purpose, that the land described in the notice is subject to a Permit.

Please contact the District's Planning Department at 250.933.8093 for further information.

  • Temporary Use Permit Application Form

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