Prior to submitting a formal application for subdivision, a pre-application meeting with the Approving Officer is encouraged so that options and requirements can be discussed. Items for discussion will include zoning issues, servicing requirements, lot size and shape. In addition, the following will be briefly discussed:

  • The District of Lantzville Development Cost Charge (DCC) Bylaw No. 154, 2018 which identifies fees charged for new and additional development, including new lots created through subdivision of land. The DCC fees applicable to the specific subdivision will be identified.

  • The District’s Official Community Plan Bylaw establishes Development Permit Areas throughout the community. Where a Development Permit Area impacts a property proposed for subdivision, then a Development Permit is required prior to the subdivision being approved.

  • Park land dedication (in some cases cash-in-lieu of land dedication) as it applies to the specific subdivision proposal, and depending on the number of new lots proposed.

  • The retaining of consultants including agents, surveyors, professional engineers, contractors, lawyers.

  • Subdivision Application Form

    For further information on whether a property can be subdivided, please contact the District Office at 250.933.8083 to speak to the Director of Planning and Community Services.

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